Surgeons' knot

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A surgeons' knot

I've always encountered difficulty tying kitchen twine single-handed, but recently I experimented by using a surgeons' knot. It was extremely successful, even when tying greaseproof paper to a steak and kidney pudding. When creating this knot, I have made more than 3 twists on the first throw and it was still a success.

The surgeon's knot is a simple modification to the reef knot. It adds an extra twist when tying the first throw, forming a double overhand knot. The additional turn provides more friction and can reduce loosening while the second half of the knot is tied. This knot is commonly used by surgeons in situations where it is important to maintain tension on a suture, giving it its name.

Surgeon's knots are also used in fly fishing, in tying quilts, and for tying knots with twine; it is particularly useful in tying raw meat with butcher's twine, as the wet meat creates similar risks of loosening as surgery.

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