Debbie and Andrew's Kentish Apple & Cider Pork Sausages

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Debbie and Andrew's Kentish Apple & Cider Pork Sausages

Kentish Apple & Cider Pork Sausages

Their succulent Kentish Apple and Cider Pork Sausage is inspired by and made in the Garden of England. Made with fresh lean pork shoulder and prime pork belly, sumptuous Kent-grown Bramley Apples in a fruity compote, chunks of apple and a good splash of strong Kentish dry cider.

This sausage is a bit special – and probably best kept for the grown ups! It’s a fun sausage that is a feast to eat, and it also pays proper respect to the long tradition of serving pork and apples together in a mouthwatering combination.


Available exclusively at debbies&andrews Tweet to Eat shop and on thier roadshows.

Food intolerance

  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Wheat free


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