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Our trusty, much used bread machine

A bread machine or breadmaker is a home appliance for baking bread. It consists of a bread pan with a paddle mounted in the center, in a small special-purpose oven, with a control panel. While most bread machines have different cycles for different kinds of dough (including straight white bread, whole grain, European-style (sometimes labeled "French"), and dough-only for pizza dough and shaped loaves baked in the oven), many also have a timer to allow the bread machine to activate without operator attendance, and some high-end models allow the user to program a custom cycle.

Unlike conventional dough recipes, recipes for some breadmakers often call for milk powder instead of milk and also for citric acid when making brown or wholemeal bread.

We have a Panasonic SD 253 and it's never let us down. Thoroughly recommended.

A typical breadmaker recipe

And if you have never used a breadmaker before, here is a typical breadmaker recipe for a large white loaf:

Tip all of the above into the basket. Select: Bake, Large, Crust preference (light or dark) and then Start.

4 hours later, perfectly baked bread. It is as simple as that!

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