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Sous vide cooking allows you to achieve restaurant quality dishes in the comfort of your own home, and in my opinion there's no better machine than the Burton Sous Vide Water Bath.

I ventured into Sous Vide cooking for the first time with the purchase of this machine and I must say I'm totally hooked.

Buoyed on by enthusiastic chefs such as J. Kenji López-Alt J. Kenji López-Alt I knew it would help my overall consistency with cooking and I was also eager to try it out with certain cuts of meat with the barbecue grill (Steak, chicken).

What you get with the Burton Sous Vide Water Bath is a beautiful looking, large but not bulky great working machine. If you're spending good money on your food ingredients you really want to trust the machine you're "cooking" them with and that's certainly the case here.

As stated in the product summary points such as consistent temperature management, low noise and good economy are so important for Sous Vide Water baths and this one sails through these areas with distinction. Knowing once you've set the temperature, placed your food in the metal basket and closed the lid you can leave it to do it's thing without hearing a loud whirr or experiencing a drop in temps is hugely satisfactory.

My first test was skin on chicken breast. I was amazed by the results (finished in a hot pan with butter), Not only is the quality so good as internal temps are cooked very accurately, but you have time to present the dish as best you can before serving up, so your dishes start to look better too. I've since moved on to other meat and the guides/recipes are all there to help you in their handy booklet.

Finally - Accessories. I did like the idea of the professional vacuum packing machine but I know it would be more expensive and the bags with pump provided are perfectly adequate for home cooking, I've even used them for general food storage and friends have bought them separately for that exact purpose. Maybe I'll upgrade to a vacuum packing machine later but for now I'm perfectly happy with what it provided.

I'm now a Sous Vide convert and I have to say, having a Burton Sous Vide in the kitchen is a joy and I know it's going to be used a lot over the years.