Taste Sensation Mixed Sweet Red and Green Bell Pepper Granules

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£3.95 – £29.20 [July 2020]

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250g Heat Sealed Pillow Pouch £4.90
500g Heat Sealed Pillow Pouch £7.89
1kg Heat Sealed Pillow Pouch £13.89
1.8kg Heat Sealed Pillow Pouch £23.39
2.5kg Heat Sealed Pillow Pouch £36.29
2.5kg Catering Tub £36.79
450g Heat Sealed Stand up Pouch £7.25
950g Heat Sealed Stand up Pouch £13.40
prices as of January 2020



100% Dehydrated Red & Green Bell Pepper Granules.

Fresh ripe sweet bell peppers are washed, cored, trimmed, diced, dried and then granulated to a handy 1-3 mm size, the sweet bell pepper granules are a very versatile ingredient that is full of colour and flavour, easy to use and can be easily re-hydrated in a little warm water within 15 minutes, or used dry.


Ideal for adding to homemade seasoning blends for flavouring sausages, burgers and meat balls, in soups, casseroles/stews, salads dressings/sauces, salsas/dips, pizza toppings and savoury baking (artisan bread recipes), a real kitchen essential.

Chef's Note

I use these a lot'! They add a bit of colour and a taste bites. Lovely, and a little goes a long way. Recommended. TheJudge (talk)

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