Smoked mackerel and tangerine salad

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Smoked mackerel and tangerine salad
Smoked mackerel and tangerine salad
Servings:Serves 2
Calories per serving:87
Ready in:15 minutes
Prep. time:15 minutes
Cook time:None
Recipe author:Chef
First published:24th October 2012

I find mackerel needs a lot of lemon or lime juice to cut through the oily flavour. Whole juicy chunks of tangerine do this wonderfully and make a nice healthy and refreshing meal.


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  1. Mix the olive oil, tangerine zest, sherry vinegar and lemon juice in a small bowl with the salt and pepper and whisk to combine
  2. Add the salad to a large bowl
  3. Flake the fish into the salad
  4. Add the tangerine segments, drizzle with the dressing and toss the salad

Serving suggestions

Serve chilled

Chef's notes

Don't be tempted to add salt as processed mackerel can be quite salty already.

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