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Royal Cuajada

Royal Cuajada (meaning curdled) is an industrial dessert mix produced by Royal (a subsidiary of Mondelez). The ingredients (starch, fructose, thickener, sugar, flavourings, stabiliser, and rennet) are mixed with milk, heated and allowed to set in the fridge. It is very similar to junket and can be made from scratch without the need for commercially made packet mixes and indeed is a popular dessert in Navarra in Spain where it was traditionally made with ewes’ milk.

Royal Cuajada is sold as a powder in sachets (usually 16 to a box) and as well as being a dessert in its own right, it can be used as an alternative setting agent to gelatine or agar-agar in other sweet preparations such as Tarta tres chocolates. Unfortunately, it is not easily available in the UK and you may have to ask friends to get it when they go on holiday to Spain or Portugal (where it is also popular). However it is sold by R Garcia & Sons in London and may be worth adding to a larger order to justify the postal charge.

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