Plank cooking

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Very large salmon steaks being plank cooked around an open fire

What is plank cooking

Plank cooking is a method of Indirect grilling, the technique of roasting fish and game on wood planks. The Pacific Northwest of North America has long been famous for plank cooking. Early European explorers extolled the aroma and flavour of this technique. Native Americans pioneered the art of roasting fish and game on wood planks.

The early cooks utilised wood plank cooking over open flames to capture the essence of wood as a seasoning in fish and other meats. These people slow roasted their freshly caught fish and meats on wood planks above fire pits. This method of cooking infused the natural oils and moisture found in the woods into the foods producing a delicious unique flavour. This unusual method of cooking has been discovered and used worldwide to bring flavour to not only fish but also meats, poultry, vegetables, cheese, fruits and even pizza. For years, restaurants have kept the tradition alive by serving salmon cooked on planks. But more recently, as pre-cut boards have become widely available, chefs and home cooks around the country have been experimenting with cooking on planks. There are two methods of plank cooking; grilling (roasting) and oven (baking).

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