Peppadew peppers

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Peppadew peppers

Peppadew is the commercial brand name of sweet piquanté peppers (a breed of Capsicum baccatum) grown in the Limpopo province of South Africa.

This type of piquante pepper was first discovered in early 1993 and introduced to market later that same decade. The name is derived from "Pepper" and "dew".

Although the pepper is sometimes described as a cross between a pepper and a tomato, this description is not botanically accurate, and refers only to the resemblance in colour and size between Peppadew and cherry tomatoes.

Applications have been made by the various owners of the brand to secure international breeders rights.


The flavour of the Peppadew fruit is sweet, with just a touch of heat (around 1,177 on the Scoville scale).


They are often sold, bottled, stuffed with soft cheeses, such as cream cheese, sheep, goat, or buffalo cheeses ( i.e. feta or mozzarella).

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