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Paški sir cheese


  • Paški Sir is a ewes' milk cheese from the island of Pag in Croatia. In 2010 it was judged as the World’s Best New Cheese at the World Cheese Awards.
  • The milk is drained and then heated. Add rennet to the warm milk to cause it to ferment. Heat the milk again, stirring continuously. Remove from the heat and let cool. Line a mold with cloth and pour the milk into it. Fold the edges of the cloth over the edges. Place a weight over the milk and let drain for 15 minutes. Turn over the cheese and let drain for 4 hours. Take it out of the mold, remove the cloth an rub seasalt over the cheese. Salt again the following day. Wash and dry the cheese, then allow it to dry completely, turning it every day. When the fermentation is over, spread olive oil over the cheese, place it on a wooden board and remove to a cool, dark place. The result is a firm cheese that sharpens and hardens with age.

Cheese group

  • Hard

Milk type

Aroma and taste

  • A sharp, salty and subtly piquant taste and farmyard-y aroma, with a long and pleasant aftertaste.

Strength and texture

  • Mild to medium strength. Matured for 5-18 months. It crumbles and melts in your mouth.

Shape, weight and size

  • Produced in wheels of 2.2kg to 2.7kg.

Production season

  • All year round.


The cheese varies from golden yellow to light brown according to age.

Serving suggestions

Pag cheese is usually served as an starter with black olives but watch out for restaurants that serve a bland Edam to unsuspecting foreigners! Here's how to tell: pick up the slice in the middle. If it flops down on either side, it's not Pag cheese. More mature cheese can be grated and used in place of Parmesan.


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Cheese type Calories per 100g
American cheese 371
Blue cheese 353
Camembert cheese 299
Cheddar cheese 402
Cottage cheese 98
Edam cheese 357
Farmer's cheese 98
Feta cheese 264
Fontina cheese 389
Goat cheese 364
Gouda cheese 356
Gruyere cheese 413
Mozzarella cheese 280
Parmesan cheese 431
Pimento cheese 375
Provolone cheese 352
Queso blanco cheese 310
Ricotta cheese 174
Roquefort cheese 369
Swiss cheese 380

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