Oxo Good Grips Cookie Press

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Oxo Good Grips Cookie Press
Disc set included with cookie press
Optional extra disc set 'Autumn'
Optional extra disc set 'Springtime'

Oxo Good Grips Cookie Press

I needed a cookie press to make my Squeezy cheese cookies and as I've always been very impressed with Oxo products, I thought I would try this. It's very well made and not overly expensive at £18 odd.

Unfortunately this device won't make continuous cheese straws as it is not designed to do this. Unfortunately, even after 4 different attempts, I can't get this damn thing to make cookies of any shape. They are either too hard to extrude or they just blob out as a gooey mess and have to be cut from the cookie press.

It's a shame to say this because I am a huge fan of Oxo Good Grips products but I have to say "Don't waste your time or money on this!"


  • Paddle lever provides less strain when dispensing multiple cookies
  • Centralised grip ring provides ideal location for holding while using cookie press
  • Soft, silicone foot to protect pan and keep the cookie press in place when dispensing
  • Includes 12 decorative Stainless Steel discs with storage case
  • Seasonal discs sold separately
  • Easy to clean

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