Oriental Delight (Norwich)

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Oriental Delight (Norwich)

Oriental Delight (Norwich)

Having moved from Kent to The fens of Norfolk, I really miss SeeWoo, which was my local Chinese wholesaler. Luckily, I've discovered Oriental Delight in Norwich. It's about an hour away and smaller than SeeWoo but it has a very good selection of Oriental foods, seefood, vegetables and many other specialist products.

Oriental Delight is a membership-based cash and carry and so all shoppers will have to a registered member in order to shop. If you've not visited before, have a word at the front desk, register a few details with them and you're free to shop. The staff are very friendly and helpful and will go out of their way to help you find what you are searching for.

There is everything you would expect of an Oriental food supplier. They have a good selection of canned and packaged food, sauces and spices; vegetables and seafood in their own walk-in chilled rooms, fresh fish and seafood in aquariums, rows and rows of freezers, even a wholesale warehouse area.

I had a good wander around and took lots of pictures to give you an idea of what it's like. I hope you enjoy them!

Oriental Delight 1-3 Whiffler Road Norwich Norfolk NR3 2AG

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Oriental Delight (Norwich)
1-3 Whiffler Road


01603 485590



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Saturday 9:30am–6pm
Sunday 11am–5pm
Monday 9:30am–6pm
Tuesday 9:30am–6pm
Wednesday 9:30am–6pm
Thursday 9:30am–6pm
Friday 9:30am–6pm

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