Indesit WM 12x (UK) - Selector knob clicks continuously

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Faulty Indesit WM12X Automatic washing machine

Diagnostic codes and probable cause for a continuously clicking selector knob. Faulty Indesit WM 12x (UK) washing machine.

Fault description

  • Rinses OK
  • Spins OK
  • Begin wash-cycle and program selector knob turns continuously
  • LED fault status: 7 flashes (whilst knob rotating)

Cause of problem

  • Dry joints on heater relay (main control board)
    • Heater relay can be easily identified from the other 3 relays as it connects directly to the high-current heater connectors on the control pcb.

List of LED diagnostic codes

  1. Short circuit triac
  2. Main motor fault
  3. Thermostat fault (ntc)
  4. Pressure switch reads full (p switch)
  5. Pressure switch reads empty (p switch)
  6. Program selector switch error
  7. Heater relay problem
  8. Heater relay problem
  9. Eprom error
  10. Pressure switch error
  11. Waste pump inactive

Similar models

This information is also probably relevant to Ariston, Hotpoint & Creda washing machines that use the same firmware.


Do not attempt to repair this yourself unless you are qualified, but pass this information on to the repair engineer.