Grillpro Stainless Steel Chicken Roaster

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The Grillpro Stainless Steel Chicken Roaster is a massive improvement on the rather hit-or-miss balancing technique employed in the original Tex-Mex beercan chicken recipe. It safely supports the bird and the beer can so there is no risk of them falling over. It takes up no more space than just using the can on its own so will work on barbecues, in ovens, and even for large grills. It's stainless steel so should be easy to clean and as it has an integral tray, you could fill that with wine or strong stock to add additional flavour to the bird while it's cooking.

The pictures here show its first ever use and it was a complete success!

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Chef's notes

  • The instructions recommend 355ml cans. These are now virtually unobtainable in the UK. However, as pictured, it works perfectly well with a 440ml can, even with a small bird. A 500ml can is probably too big for all but the biggest birds.
  • One other advantage is that it is far easier to prepare and season the bird while it is on the roaster.
  • We even used it to cook the Christmas turkey this year!

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