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Giles and Posner electric pizza oven

Electric pizza ovens usually come with a stone base which revolves under a heating element to cook the topping. Heat also comes from underneath the stone to give an evenly cooked base. They are supplied with a separate non-stick pan for making deep pizzas and which can also be used for thick, flat omelettes such as Tortilla EspaƱola, frittatas and pancakes. In addition to making pizzas, the stone base will cook pitta bread, and will warm pasties and small pies. You can use it to cook ready-made frozen pizzas.

Pizza ovens are inexpensive, easy to clean and heat up far more quickly than a conventional oven. The two main ovens available are Giles and Posner and Pizza at Home. They are both the same price but I opted for the former because you can operate the upper and lower heating elements independently or together. I am sure I read somewhere that this is not possible with the latter oven.

Finally, although the instructions do not mention it, you must remember to dust the stone with flour, polenta or semolina before use otherwise your pizza will stick. Another thing about the instructions is that they are not great, so you should be prepared to experiment with a pizza or two until you can make one to your liking. It is also unadvisable to pile them too high with toppings or they will burn. If you are using the Giles and Posner oven, it is possible to control this potential problem of charring somewhat by switching off the upper element.

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