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Each page on a Wiki must be totally unique. In the context of Cookipedia, a page could be a recipe, cooking method, ingredient, page like this one, etc. This does present a potential problem: for instance, there cannot be two different recipes which are both called Risotto.

If you feel that it is useful for two or more different risotto recipes to be available from a single reference point, one of the solutions to this is to create a Disambiguation page. Not surprisingly, Risotto is an example of such a page.

Steps to create your own disambiguation page using the Risotto example

  • Choose a unique name for your disambiguation page - Risotto in this example. If a page already exists with the same name, consider moving that page to a new unique name. Use the comments page if you want to elicit other people's ideas first.
  • Create the disambiguation page and include the links to all the various risotto recipes. Use the Risotto page as an example to copy and edit.
  • The {{Disambig}} section is simply a template variable key that enables the corresponding value text to be changed across potentially millions of pages in one simple move.

Tip: If you are copying and pasting, don't include the <pre lines> (you can only see them in the raw wiki code on the edit page)

We have a number of '''risotto recipes:'''

* [[Leek and cream risotto]]
* [[Mushroom risotto]]
* [[Risotto alla Milanese]]


Other methods to achieve the same ends would be to just create a new page, very similar to the disambiguation example or create a completely new category.

Capitalisation of page names

The capitalisation of page names is very important.

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