Campsite Holdrio, Aspen, Under Eiger, near Grindelwald, Switzerland

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The view from the camper van window!
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The campsite with the best views in Switzerland

We stayed here for three days (September 2012). A clean and basic campsite, not unsurprisingly sloping a little, with some of the most scenic views we had ever seen, let alone from a campsite!

It's about 4 kilometers up a very steep road leading out of Grindelwald, follow the signs for Hotel Aspen, the campsite is down a small track to the side of the hotel.

The campsite has heated toilets & washing facilities, a small bar in the campsite and nearby restaurants, the extremely plush Hotel Aspen and the wonderful Restaurant Jägerstübli (I think), where we had a fantastic Jägerstübli rösti.

The campsite is 'un-manned' and there are signs that seemed to translate to "make your pitch and we will be along later".  When we were there it was visited a few times a day by the owner, first thing in the morning and early evening.  We saw lots of people waiting around for someone to turn up, but giving up before anyone appeared.  Be patient, it's worth the wait.  The owner is really friendly and helpful.

Local walks

There are some interesting short stories covering walks in this area on the Trip Advisor website, with the main picture taken in the campsite itself, if I'm not mistaken.

360 ° Panorama taken from around the motorhome

Shots from the campsite

Geographic Location

Campsite Holdrio
Under Eiger
CH-3818 Grindelwald

The campsite is down the track by the side of Hotel Aspen.

How to find Camping Holdrio

In simple terms, follow the brown signs to Hotel Aspen or the new signs this year marked Camping Holdrio.

From Interlaken, drive through Grindelwald and out the other side into what looks like a coach park.  Form there, just follow the up a very steep hill until you see Hotel Aspen.  The campsite is down the right-hand side of the hotel. You'll recognise it from the pictures above.

Mobile telephone

+41 79 656 59 70


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