Brita water filter jug leaks

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We've always used a Brita water filter jugs at home for drinking water and especially for making tea and coffee. Up to now they've been good, but the current offering (pictured) is absolutely hopeless. It has plainly been designed on a computer, put into mass-production without ever being tested. If it was tested, it must have been by idiots!

If you fill it to the point where the water filler cap closes, the jugs leaks water down the handle and all over the work surface. You can see why by looking at the main picture. The rear of the top of the jug is lower than the front so it's bound to leak water out of the back.

The only way to use this jug is to hang it over the sink when filling it up.

There does not seem to be an updated version, so you'll just have to put up with it for now. looking at their website, they plainly don't pay much attention to design!

I also notice that according to the usage timer the cartridges seem to last about 4 times longer in the 8 litre water filter than in the small Brita water filter jug. I wonder if they use exactly the same usage timer from the jug that is a quarter of the size!

A far better solution for filtered water

I am loath to recommend a product by the same sloppy manufacturers, but as we already had a cupboard full of water filter cartridges, I thought it worth giving them a second chance.

The BRITA XXL Optimax Cool Water Filter 8.5 L - White seems much better. Read more about it here.

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