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They are heat resistant, but they can still burn!

Bake-O-Glide is trade-marked name for a non-stick reusable cooking liner. It is sold in rolls or can come pre-cut in various sizes. It is used to line baking and roasting tins to prevent food from sticking. It is easy to wash as any 'stuck' food just glides off, hence the name.

If you buy a roll, you just cut it to fit the size of your tin and it can be used hundreds of times before it needs replacing. It can also be used to line grills and even frying pans, for fat-free cooking. It is microwave safe and dishwasher proof. It is suitable for gas, electric and solid fuel ovens and it does not need greasing.

Other items in the Bake-O-Glide range include extra thick oven liners, microwave liners and printed non-slip pastry mats. It is available in good cook shops and on line sellers.

Silicone rubber is Highly inflammable

Although silicone baking mats are heat resistant to at least 500°, they are also highly inflammable and will catch fire easily if directly exposed to flame or if they a come into direct contact with an oven heating element. Once burning they are difficult to extinguish as they can re-ignite easily.

Be careful; do not allow any loose edges to hang over pans or oven trays where they can come into contact with a heat source. If there is a surplus area, fold the mat on itself or even cut it to shape.

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