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Wax paper (waxed paper), also known as paraffin paper, is paper that is made moisture-proof through the application of wax. It is commonly used in cooking.

Wax paper is commonly used in cooking, for its non-stick properties, and wrapping food for storage, such as cookies, as it keeps water out or in. It is also used in arts and crafts.

Waxed paper

Culinary uses

Oven use: Wax paper is not recommended for baking use as it will smoke.

Microwave use: wax paper can be used to prevent splatters by covering the food when microwave cooking. Since the paper is mostly unaffected by microwaves, it will not heat to the point of combustion under normal usage. This makes wax paper more functional than plastic wrap which will melt at higher temperatures, or aluminium foil which is not safe for use in most microwave ovens.

The coated side is usually the shiny side that has the non-stick properties and should go against the food.

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