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  • |title=Miso soup, Fish recipe |keywords=Miso soup recipe Fish recipes from The cook's Wiki
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  • |title=Green tea salmon and coconut rice recipe |keywords=Tea leaves,Green tea salmon and coconut rice,Jamie Oliver,recipe
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  • ...ken & dumplings] as an example. Each picture set is then backed up by the recipe in detail on the related www.ibelieveicanfry.com/2011/11/southern-chicken-d ...h, I grew up eating home-cooked meals, from chawanmushi to collard greens, miso soup to mashed potatoes. So many people my age do not know how to cook, and
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  • ...es of soybean paste as seasonings. Japanese foods made from soya include [[miso]], [[natto]], [[kinako]] and [[edamame]]. In Korean cuisine, soybean sprout '''Use this basic guide if you do not have a specific recipe'''
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  • ...i'' was traditionally a liquid byproduct made during the fermentation of [[miso]] (type of seasoning). Japan is the leading producer of ''tamari''.
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