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  • ...gue Brown Pudding Timoleague Brown Pudding is a Protected Geographical PGI blood sausage produced in Timoleague in the west of Co. Cork ...ue Brown Pudding is a [[Template:Protected Geographical IndicationIR|PGI]] blood [[sausage]] produced in Timoleague in the west of Co. Cork, Ireland. The [
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  • |description=Salt, the most popular food seasoning, is a dietary mineral essential for animal life, composed primari ...for human consumption is produced in different forms: unrefined salt (such as sea salt), refined salt (table salt), and iodised salt. It is a crystalline
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  • ...grain (often maize) and water. White vinegar is used for culinary as well as cleaning purposes because vinegar can also be used for sterilisation. ...more expensive wine vinegars made from individual varieties of wine, such as Champagne, [[Sherry]], or pinot grigio.
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