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A cocktail glass

A cocktail glass (also known as a martini glass) is a stemmed glass drinking vessel which has a cone-shaped bowl placed upon a stem above a flat base. It is mainly used to serve cocktails. Its form derives from the fact that all cocktails are traditionally served chilled and contain an aromatic element. Thus, the stem allows the drinker to hold the glass without affecting the temperature of the drink, and the wide bowl places the surface of the drink directly under the drinker's nose, ensuring that the aromatic element has the desired effect.

A standard cocktail glass contains 4.5 US fluid ounces.

A dizzy cocktail glass

Dizzy cocktail glass

A Dizzy Cocktail glass is a tumbler glass with a shallow bowl, ideal for serving cocktails. It is comparable to a Martini glass or cocktail glass but it has no stem.

Dizzy Cocktail glasses are considered to be much more convenient than Martini glasses because the stem of the glass can't break. This glass is ideal to serve short drinks in. The most commonly known cocktail that is served in a Dizzy Cocktail glass is the Manhattan or Chivas Manhattan cocktail.

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