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Le Fromage de Grisons

La Tomme Vaudois

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Manuela Sonderegger <m.sonderegger AT> provided some recent update information and bearing in mind her position, is almost certainly able to provide media and information on Swiss cheeses.

I have 'spoken by email', see below:

Dear Jerry Thank you for the changes. You have done it really fast. If you want to I could add other Swiss Cheeses and also some more information on the ones you already have. But I will do it around March, when there is a little more time for such projects.

We are rhight now on the way to create an English App whre you can match Swiss Cheeses to Wine. And all the cheeses are explained there.

Best regards



Just to let you know that I have now created new pages with the names that you have added. These pages now link directly to the original pages. This means they can now be found easily by searching for the names you added. I have also corrected the broken links.

Thanks for your input - every little helps. Regards