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Ascott Smallholding Supplies are Agriculture, Horticultural and Feed Supplier of animal and garden equipment for Goat, Sheep, Cattle and Poultry keepers, Cheese and Yogurt makers and Smallholders. A family run firm offering a wide range of equipment for all smallholders and poultry keepers as well as Goat supplies. Their Poultry equipment includes incubators and brooders, suitable for all garden poultry including hens, ducks and waterfowl.

I have used Ascott for sausage making, bacon curing and smoking, poultry keeping and cheese making!

Geographic Location

Ascott Smallholding Supplies Ltd
Unit 21/22
Easton grey,
SN16 0RD


  • Tel: 0845 130 6285
  • Fax: 0870 774 0140



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