AnySharp knife sharpener

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AnySharp knife sharpener

Without a doubt, the best knife sharpener I've ever owned!

This simple knife sharpener is reasonable easy to use and with two or three pulls, turns a blunt knife into a razor sharp tool.

It utilises a suction base to stick to a smooth surface. It doesn't always stick and when it does it's difficult to remove it without using something like a sharp knife to break the suction effect.

Worse still, the suction cup 'shattered' after four months use. Even so I would still recommend it because it does such a fine job.

All our knives are now so sharp, we've stopped leaving them on the draining board because we kept accidently cutting ourselves.

When it breaks, mount it permanently

..and when it breaks, this is an even better way to use it!

When the suction cup 'shattered', I dismantled sharpener, pushed out the pin that retains the suction release latch and remove the suction mechanism. Using a wood screw and a washer, I fixed the sharpener permanently to the chopping board. It's even better now as it's always where I want it and it never moves.

After removing the two screws from the top that hold the sharpener together, be careful as you dismantle the unit as the small sharpening blades will fall out. Not a problem as they are easy to refit, just don't lose them.