Warm chorizo and rocket salad

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Warm chorizo and rocket salad
Warm chorizo and rocket salad
Chorizo sausage
Servings:Serves 4
Calories per serving:148
Ready in:10 minutes
Prep. time:5 minutes
Cook time:5 minutes
Recipe author:Chef
First published:12th April 2013

The warm, earthy flavour of chorizo sausages combines really well with the slightly bitter tang of the rocket and the zing of the sherry vinegar


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  1. Add the oil to a frying pan, add the chorizo when hot and gently fry for 3 minutes so they curl slightly and some of the fat is released into the olive oil
  2. Tip the rocket leaves into a serving bowl, mix in the sausage slices and drizzle the olive oil over the rocket
  3. Deglaze the pan with the sherry vinegar, season to taste and drizzle this over the salad

Serving suggestions

Serve immediately

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