Wahaca chilli sauces

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Wahaca chilli sauces

The good news is that these chilli sauces are marvellous. The bad news is that I don't think they are available on line at the moment. Mind you, if you're near London, you've now got another excuse to visit Wahaca! You will not be disappointed.

Anyway, back to the Wahaca chilli sauces. In their own words:

If you’ve been into Wahaca recently, you might have spotted the first of our new Wahaca salsas which have landed on the tables in the last few weeks.

It’s been a labour of love but for the last year Wahaca Co-founder Thomasina Miers has been working tirelessly on the recipes with a specialist company who has created the great looking bottles for us. To give you an idea of the amount of effort that has gone into each one. Just check out the list of ingredients – All of which are totally natural with no nasty preservatives anywhere in sight. In fact, if you have a look, you can see all of the little bits of chopped up herbs and spices swimming around inside the bottle.

Tommi has made 3 salsas for us to start off with. A brand chile de árbol sauce and new (and even tastier) versions of our yellow habanero and our smoky chipotle chile salsas that have been used on the tables in the last few years. So now there are 3 very different flavoured salsas each with a different level of spiciness for you to choose from.

Searingly hot chile de árbol

A searingly hot chile sauce with roasted garlic, allspice and cumin. Pure heat in a bottle! Splash liberally on tacos, pasta or cheese on toast. Perfect for bloody Marys.

Fiery habanero

A hot chile sauce with honey, garlic and ginger. Makes a great marinade for meat or fish, adds a sparkle to tacos and tostadas and transforms a jacket potato.

Smoky chipotle

A medium hot chile sauce with smoked paprika, garlic and cocoa. Adds a smoky heat to salsas stews and quesadillas and brings a live burgers, beans and bangers.

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