Tefal Snacking Mesh Metal Tray / Grid / Basket

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Fits Tefal Actifry 1kg/1.2kg models GH800xxx, FZxxxxxx, AL80xxx
Ideal for frying battered items

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A great (optional) accessory for your Tefal Air fryer is the snappily named 'Tefal Snacking Mesh Metal Tray / Grid / Basket'.

Note: The basket cannot be used at the same time as the non-stick pan.

The basket replaces the non-stick pan and rotating paddle so the food in the basket rotates around the heat source without it being stirred. This means it's great for soft foods that would be broken up by the paddle action.

We use ours for roasting cubes of butternut squash but it's equally good for 'frying' chunks of white fish and prawns. Just toss them in seasoned olive oil and air fry for 15 minutes.

In the UK they are available from Amazon prime for £16.99 [December 2017]:

Check that the basket fits your model as it does not fit all Air Fryers

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