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Your page on Pizza stones got me thinking...

Our local B&M store has granite chopping boards for sale at £4.99. They are 40cm x 28cm, about 2cm thick with radiused edges. Apart from 6 little rubbery pads they are just natural granite. Mine (I have 3 now!) are very dark grey with typical granite crystalline structure & shading. The fit in our oven is good, clear on all sides.

So, my experiment: one very cheap (Iceland, £1) frozen deep pan chicken & sweetcorn pizza. Oven with granite on second from top shelf, turbo grill to the max (250C). Then heat off, Pizza in, with some trepidation. The instructions say 18 minutes at 180C. I watched this like a hawk and pulled it out after 7 minutes. The top looked good, just a little darkening of the topping. Onto the plate and tentative samples from the edge were absolutely perfect, a thin crispy browned underside to the bread, then soft bread above, topping melted just right, all hot and delicious - and that was true all the way through to the centre! Sorry, no photos, it got eaten very quickly.

I can't remember ever having a crispy based pizza cooked or heated at home before but for sure will use this technique every time. Tomorrow, naans, your recipe, with added garlic salt & coriander. I'm confident that with a little practice they will be great too!

Glad it was a success - it really does make a difference I know!

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