Silicon rubber pet food tin can covers

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These fit both normal 400g cat food cans and the very large dog food tins

Silicon rubber pet food tin can protectors

I had the devil of a job trying to locate these pet food tin covers, specifically made from silicone rubber so they don't fall apart like the plastic ones do. The one cover fits both sizes of tins and will obviously work with any 400g tin so could be used for normal food cans, though I prefer to decant human food to a Lock and Lock box rather than leave in a can.

Like most of the Amazon marketplace products, these are shipped directly from China so will take a week or so to arrive.

These work out cheaper than the Lakeland plastic silicon rubber covers. For most people, these are much cheaper as the large Lakeland cover will probably be chucked out if you need them for cats, and vice versa for dogs.

The colours supplied are random. it's a shame ours are so ghastly!

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