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Sarson's small vinegar bottle is no longer refillable

Sarson's small (200 ml) vinegar bottle has always been refillable, so I was more than surprised to discover that what was once a screw top bottle can no longer be opened for refilling. The cap is now a machine pressed on to the bottle and can no longer be removed. Well done Sarsons! What was an economical and environmentally friendly product, is no longer. The cynic in me imagines this to be a decision of some sharp-suited individual to increase profits in some way.

A far better way is never to buy another bottle of Sarsons malt vinegar again. Get a small attractive vinegar bottle and refill from a cheap generic 1 litre bottle of vinegar.

I found the one pictured on Amazon, quite nice, thought could do with a little cap, though I'm sure I can find one somewhere or factor one from a cork!.

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