The thick-walled Capsicum pubescens chilli pepper (rukutu, ruqutu, rocoto, luqutu, locoto)

Capsicum pubescens is a species of the genus Capsicum (pepper), known as rukutu, ruqutu, rocoto) and luqutu, locoto) which is found in Central and South America and Cuba.

It is known only in cultivation. The species name, pubescens, means hairy, which refers to the hairy leaves of this chili pepper. The hairiness of the leaves, along with the black seeds, distinguish this species from others. As they reach a relatively advanced age and the roots lignify quickly, sometimes they are called tree chili. It is reproductively isolated from other species of the genus Capsicum. A very notable feature of this species is its ability to withstand cooler temperatures than other cultivated pepper plants, but cannot withstand frost.

A green variety found in Peru and Mexico is known as the manzano/ manzana or apple pepper. There is also a yellow variety is called canario or "canary" pepper.

It is a very hot chili, registering 30,000 - 100,000 Scovilles.

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