Pickled red cabbage (Mrs Beeton's)

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This recipe requires preparation in advance!

This is from Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book. This copy was a present for my partner's mother, dated 1954

Pickled red cabbage (Mrs Beeton's)
Other publications - circa 1945
Servings:Servings: 100 - Make 1 large jar
Calories per serving:11
Ready in:1 day, 1 hour
Prep. time:1 day, 1 hour
Cook time:None
Difficulty:Average difficulty
Recipe author:Chef
First published:24th December 2012

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  1. Take off the outside decayed leaves of a nice red cabbage, cut it into quarters, remove the stalks, and cut it across in very thin slices.
  2. Lay these on a dish, and cover them plentifully with salt, then cover with another dish.
  3. Leave for 24 hours; turn into a colander to drain, and if necessary, wipe lightly with a clean, soft cloth. Put them in a jar; boil up the vinegar with the spices, and when cold, pour it over the cabbage.
  4. It will be fit for use in a week or two, but if kept for a very long time, the cabbage is liable to get soft and discoloured. To be really nice and crisp, and of a good red colour, it should be eaten almost immediately after it is made. A little bruised cochineal boiled with the vinegar adds greatly to the appearance of this pickle. Tie down with bladder, and keep in a dry place.

Seasonable in July and August, but the pickle will be much more crisp if the frost has just touched the leaves.

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