Neuter & Chip your cat for £5

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Neuter and microchip your cat for £5

Cats Protection recommends that cats are spayed or snipped at around four months of age or younger.

Once done cats live longer, healthier lives and it is the most humane way to stop unwanted pregnancies.

Spaying or snipping laso prevents some cancers, helps stop the spread of FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), reduces straying, fighting and spraying.

Microchipping offers cats a safe and permanent method of identification and means that if a cat does go missing it is more likely to be reunited with its owner.

For more information on this time limited offer, please contact:

Fenland Neutering Branch

Although the above URL states the offer is means tested, this offer is not means tested. It is valid until 26th April 2019 and may be extended if funds allow.

Terms and Conditions

Owner must live in PE13, PE14, PE15, PE16 or PE26 [East Anglia, UK].

Participating veterinary practices only.

Vouchers must be redeemed by the expiry date stated.

I have placed this on my cooking site in my role as a Volunteer Cat Helper at Cats Protection, Downham Market. Chef

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