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Cookipedia is MasterCook on a Wiki!

My first copy of MasterCook was in the mid 90's, it was version II, I recall. The idea was really good, if not a little slow and clumsy to use. It had 1000's of recipes catagorised and searchable by many various categories. The recipes were fairly good but static and it was not possible on the early versions to add notes. It also crashed a lot.

I dawned on me today, [I can be slow, I realise], that Cookipedia is the modern-day MasterCook. Unlike the early MasterCook you can edit, add your own recipes, ingredients, cooking methods, the possibilities are endless. And unlike MasterCook, your input will be available to anyone on the World Wide Web. Have a go, it's a lot of fun!

MasterCook appears to still be available: web review

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