Kitchen Craft KCBB882 Potato Chipper with Interchangeable Blades

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£10.74 - Amazon Prime (UK)

Kitchen Craft KCBB882 Potato Chipper

I bought this chip cutter from Amazon Prime to make chips (fries) for my new ActiFry AL806040 Air Fryer. From the pictures it looked ok and for the price (£10.74) I wasn't expecting anything special. When I opened it I was very pleasantly surprised. It absolutely oozes quality, as good as any Oxo Good Grips product. There is even a rubber suction pad with a chip mechanism that enables you to clamp the unit to a worktop. It comes with 2 sizes of cutters and 'pushers' one for chip-shop chips and the other for McDonald's fries.

There is a better product now

We have used our Kitchen Craft Potato Chipper on a weekly basis for four years and it has eventually broken. As we make chips in an air fryer on a regular basis we looked for a more substantial product. The Sopito Stainless Steel Potato Cutter. It's six times the price, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The best feature is that it can cope with absolutely massive potatoes and its all metal construction makes it a far superior product. Take a look!

Product information

  • Cut potatoes into chips in seconds
  • Includes two sizes of stainless steel blades, 10mm and 13mm for making small and large chips
  • Also ideal for making carrot and other vegetable strips for crudités
  • The suction base creates a firm grip whilst in use
  • All items are removable for easy cleaning and are handwash only
  • 25cm x 13cm / 10" x 5"

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