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Delia's Cheat Suppliers

Amazon have been added as a supplier, mainly to provide completeness for the Delia Cheat supplier category. Specifically for the Delia chopper and the Braun 300W stick blender (which oddly Amazon have as no longer available).

Almost anything can be purchased through Amazon, though you may be better Googling for your product and adding Amazon to the search terms as Google has a far better search algorithm than Amazon.


Returns policy

I recently had cause to return the faulty Delia mini-chopper to Amazon and realised that it was the first time I had needed to return anything to them. Very pleasantly surprised by the simple and helpful procedure:

  • Visit
  • Enter account number
  • Select item from recent purchases
  • Select reason for return from the following options:
    • Accidental order
    • Better price available
    • Performance or quality not adequate
    • Incompatible or not useful for intended purpose
    • Damaged due to poor packaging
    • Missed estimated delivery date
    • Damaged during delivery
    • Different from what was ordered
    • Defective/Does not work properly
    • Arrived in addition to what was ordered
    • No longer needed/wanted
    • Unauthorized purchase
    • Different from website description
    • I haven't received this item yet
  • Enter detailed reason
  • Select replacement or refund
  • Print Post Office prepaid label
  • Box up and take round to Post Office

I assume these fairly open return options are only available during the first 30 days.

Top marks Amazon!

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