ISBN numbers for book sources

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Cookipedia can help visitors locate book sources

If you include an ISBN number, Cookipedia can automatically locate a convenient book supplier, currently via Google book search. As a page editor, all you need to do to facilitate this is to enter the 10 digit or 13 digit ISBN number in the following format:

    ISBN 1413304540
    ISBN 978-1413304541 

ISBN 1413304540

ISBN 978-1413304541

use the preview button to check the ISBN function hass worked as you expected.

ISBNs now come in two styles, containing 10 digits or 13 digits, respectively (corresponding to the above "ISBN-10:" and "ISBN-13:" numbers). Please use the 13-digit one if available (if nowhere else, it is written under the barcode – the hyphenation will be 978-, or in future 979-, then the same as in the 10-digit ISBN, but the last digit is different for ISBN-10 and ISBN-13, as they use different checksum algorithms).

You can convert any ISBN-10 to ISBN-13 automatically with either of the following tools:

Stylistically, please:

  • Use 13-digit ISBNs, if available, as these are now standard as of January 1 2007 and issued to new books.
  • Use dashes if they are included, as they divide the number into meaningful parts; the placement of dashes varies between books.

The MediaWiki software only recognises "ISBN" followed by a space, and then the number. Spaces and hyphens within the number are not a problem (including hyphens is preferred if their proper placement is known), but ISBN numbers starting with "ISBN-10:" and "ISBN-13:" are not automatically recognised by the MediaWiki software unless "-10:" and "-13:" are removed. The actual ISBN starts after the colon for "ISBN-10:" and "ISBN-13:" numbers. There is no need to add quotation marks or wikicode brackets of any kind.

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