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Grill Chef Takeaway Outwell
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`Bash' is closing the Grill Chef, having a holiday and is planning to re-open, concentrating less on the grill-side of the menu and more on the Indian curries. 28th February, 22022

Grill Chef Takeaway - Outwell

The Grill Chef, Outwell the closest authentic Curry takaway to us in Upwell. I was massively impressed with the curries they've cooked for us, especially the vindaloo, which was produced to order and freshly cooked while we waited. `Bash' is always helpful and he can create dishes to your specific tastes if you ask him nicely!

The pizzas and kebabs have been very good too.

I've put this page up so I can easily find the menu when I need it!

Geographic Location

Isle Bridge Road
Norfolk PE14 8TD
In front of what used to be Fenrock Climbing Centre

Opening Hours


As from 28th february, until further notice.

I will update this page as soon as they are open again, you can be assured of that!


01945 773366


Grill Chef Facebook Page

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