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Figs at Borough Market
Our fig tree

Figs can be eaten fresh or dried, and used in jam-making. Most commercial production is in dried or otherwise processed forms, since the ripe fruit does not transport well, and once picked does not keep well. In Bengal, the fruit is called Dumur. It is cooked as a vegetable and is believed to be good for heart ailments.

Fresh figs can be preserved by freezing using sugar as a preservative: In a large bowl, de-stem & cut up into quarters five cups of fresh figs(do not wash unless soiled by birds or sprayed with insecticide - if washed, dry thoroughly), add one cup regular sugar. Stir with wooden spoon until sugar dissolves, then spoon into into 4 or 5 ziplock bags and freeze. Freezer life, up to one year or more.

How much does one cup of figs weigh?

Estimated US cup to weight equivalents:

Ingredient US Cups Grams Ounces
Figs chopped
150 grams > 5 ounces

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Seasonal Information: Figs

This information is specifically for countries in the northern temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere; particularly the United Kingdom, however it should be applicable for northern USA, northern Europe, Canada, Russia, etc.

Figs are at their best and in season during the following months: September & October.

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