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I will add this section as soon as I can, meanwhile, below is the list of category templates. The only place that a new category should be added:

Please note: Because of the manner in which the template includes function, you will need to first save a newly created page and then re-edit to amend the categories.

  • Use Template:RecipeCategories to add a new recipe category. This will automatically add the category to any pages that lists the recipe categories and also to the recipe builder. The home page navigation will still need to be amended as that is manually ordered.

Cheese categories The cheese categories are automatically included in the above Template:RecipeCategories as Template:CheeseCategories Edit Template:CheeseCategories directly to add any cheese area. It will then be automatically added to any new ingredients pages.

Linking to categories

A common problem when trying to link to a category is to omit the leading colon.

If you enter the link as [[Category:Help]] - you don't create a link at all, you just add the page containing [[Category:Help]] into the Help category.

Use a leading colon: [[:Category:Help]] to create a link to the help category.

More help on links is available in Linking to other pages

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