Cadburys Mini Eggs - Ugh!

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Cadbury's Mini Eggs (2016 recipe)

Quite the most disgusting things I have tasted in years

Ok, to be fair, I have to admit I'm not a lover of all things sweet, however, I do like nice chocolate now and then. These were really disappointing, so much so they prompted me to rant!

Unbearably sweet with no chocolate taste

These used to be nice, so I guess they have changed the recipe from the last time I tried them. The 2016 Cadbury's Chocolate (and use use the phrase advisedly) Mini Eggs don't taste of chocolate at all. They just taste of sugar, tooth achingly sweet. It does make me angry that manufacturers can change the recipes products so much without providing some warning, especially when the change is so detrimental.

Oh well, rant over. If you fancy some nice chocolate, forget Cadburys, try some Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate instead!

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