Bosch EasyAquatak High-Pressure Washer Trigger Repair

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A simple repair for the Bosch Pressure Washer AQT Trigger Fault

The Bosch Aquatek AQT range of [Karcher type] pressure washers suffer from a design fault where the gun or trigger assembly fractures which means you can't turn the washer on. A hairline crack in both sides of the lever pivot on the handle assembly means the trigger is not able to move the water actuator enough to start the water flow.

Because there are no reasonably prices spare parts for these models, it makes economical sense to just buy another complete pressure washer as the handle assembly on its own is more than half the cost of a new machine - bonkers!

If you can use a Philips screwdriver and have a some confidence, it is easy to repair the trigger / handle unit, with the caveat that you have to turn the pressure washer on and of using the mains switch on the washer because this repair means the gun will be constantly in the 'on' position. You really have nothing to use because it is already broken if you have this problem.

The cause of the hairline cracks is because the trigger return spring is far too strong and eventually the excess pressure breaks the pivot point in the plastic housing marked in yellow on the photograph.

The solution is to remove the spring completely which means the trigger will not return of its own accord.

How top repair the Bosch AQT pressure washer lance trigger mechanism

  • Remove all of the 7 Philips screws on the pressure washer gun assembly
  • The handle is made of two sides, prise these apart
  • Remove the mechanism from the handle
  • Remove and discard the spring marked in red on the photograph
  • Reassemble the mechanism and screw the covers back together
  • That's it, easy!

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