Ash key pickle

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This recipe needs advance preparation!

Leaves and seeds of Fraxinus excelsior

Ash key or Ashen key pickle is an ancient pickle made from the seeds of Fraxinus excelsior [European Ash or Common Ash] An odd recipe that probably needs very young ash keys to guarantee a tender pickle.

This recipe comes from John Evelyn's study of vegetables, herbs and salads: 'Acetaria, a Discourse of Sallets, 1699' You can download this book from Project Gutenberg, the free on line book resource, it is also available in Kindle format from here.


Gather them young, and boil them in three or four Waters to extract the Bitterness; and when they feel tender, prepare a Syrup of sharp White-wine vinegar, Sugar, and a little Water. Then boil them on a very quick Fire, and they will become of a green Colour, fit to be potted so soon as cold.

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