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What is anti-griddling?

Anti-griddling is a modernist technique whereby a liquid is flash frozen and immediately transformed into a solid right before your eyes. The technique is attributed to Grant Achatz of Alinea, a world renowned Chicago restaurant and it is more effective with thicker liquids so that the food is easier to shape and stronger flavours to compensate for the cold temperature to which it is subjected. You need to have an anti griddle and you can make lollies, ice cream, canap├ęs, curds, vinaigrettes, foams amongst others and you have control over how much of the food is actually frozen, for example frozen exteriors with creamy interiors. Imagine using a normal, hot griddle to fry a rare steak. You heat it up and briefly cook the steak on each side, so that you end up with a browned exterior, but when you cut it open, it is still pink on the inside. Anti-griddling works in the same way, but freezes rather than cooks.

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