Water filtering jugs

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Brita water filtering jug

Water filtering jugs are ideal for improving the quality of your drinking water as the filter cartridges used with the jugs reduce lime scale, chlorine and impurities in tap water. Please note that they do not reduce nitrates. Using a filter for your tap water allows the full aroma and flavour of hot drinks and foodstuffs to fully develop. In addition, filtered water also prolongs the life of your domestic appliances by reducing limescale build up.

If you normally buy bottled mineral water for drinking, getting one of these jugs will save you money, especially if you buy the cartridges in bulk. They are also more environmentally friendly. One great use of filtered water is when making soup as the comparative purity of the water will greatly reduce the need for skimming. Also use it in yeasted doughs such as bread because the chlorine in tap water reduces the action of the yeast.

Brita is the most well-known make of these jugs and they come in various shapes and sizes, including one that will fit into your fridge door. There are other makes, but Brita has the widest range for you to choose from and prices range from about £10-£30.

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