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Tlacoyos are oval shaped fried or toasted cakes made of masa. They are similar to fresh corn tortillas, but are somewhat torpedo shaped and fatter. Tlacoyos are stuffed with refried beans, cheese, fava beans, chicharron or other ingredients. Tlacoyos are an excellent accompaniment to soups and stews. Most traditional tlacoyos do not have lard or salt in the masa, and if not eaten immediately after they are cooked, they become very tough and dry, even if reheated. This dish is similar to the Salvadoran pupusa.

The name tlacoyo is a variation of the Nahuatl word tlatlaoyo, a name given to an antojito typical of central Mexico. A larger version of the tlacoyo is the huarache. They are good with sour cream, lettuce and hot salsa.

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