Lee Kum Kee Satay Sauce

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This particular brand of satay sauce is my absolute favourite condiment of all time, apart from obligatory versions of Chili pepper sauce.

It is quite sweet and as with most Asian satay sauces, has a strong flavour of fish, probably from the addition of nam pla. It has a very mild chili 'kick' and a grainy consistency due to the ground peanuts.

It works fabulously as a dipping sauce but is great with cold meats and even salads. A good heaped tablespoon lifts any sauce, but do bear in mind the sweetness it will add.


I get mine from See Woo (it's in their 'Ambient sauces' section).

I notice that it's now available from Amazon (Uk) too. Lee Kum Kee Satay Sauce 340 g (Pack of 2) £7.85.

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