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Freekeh (sometimes spelled frikeh) or farik (Arabic: فريكة‎‎ / ALA-LC: farīkah) (pronounced free-kah) is a cereal food made from green durum wheat (Triticum turgidum var. durum) that is roasted and rubbed to create its unique flavor. It is an ancient Arabian dish derived from Levantine and North African cuisines, remaining popular in many countries of the eastern Mediterranean Basin where durum wheat originated.

The wheat is harvested while the grains are yellow and the seeds still are soft; it then is piled and sun-dried. The piles are carefully set on fire so only the straw and chaff burn, not the seeds. In these controlled conditions, the high moisture content of the seeds prevents them from burning. Next, the roasted wheat is subjected to threshing and sun-drying to make the flavor, texture, and color uniform. This threshing or rubbing process of the grains gives this food its name, farīk or “rubbed”. Finally, the seeds are cracked into smaller pieces so they resemble a green bulgur.


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